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Tanmoy Mukharjee
Jul 16, 2022
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In 2015, Google buy email database announced RankBrain , a machine learning technology and an extension of Hummingbird that helps interpret search queries even better. RankBrain is able to spot patterns between buy email database seemingly unrelated searches and learn how they are similar. RankBrain partners with Hummingbird to provide better search results for user queries. Only Rankbrain goes beyond semantic search. The machine learning algorithm is able, based on what it learns, to apply this 'learning experience' to future buy email database searches. These can be similar searches, but also unknown or combinations of searches. BERT In 2019, Google introduced a new buy email database algorithm update called BERT . This model uses natural language processing (NLP) and sentiment analysis, among other things, to understand each word in a search in relation to buy email database all the other words in a sentence. MUM And recently, Google announced that they are developing a new technology that is 1000x more powerful than BERT: MUM. “MUM is a technique that buy email database enables transferring knowledge across languages. MUM not only understands language, but also generates it. It's trained across 75 different languages buy email database ​​and many different tasks at once, allowing it to develop a more comprehensive understanding of information and world knowledge than previous models.” ( Nayak, Google, 2021 ) Also read: Copywriting for SEO: in 5 steps to content formats that really work MUM is also multimodal . This buy email database means that MUM can simultaneously understand information from different content formats, such as web pages, photos, videos and more. “.. MUM is multimodal, so it understands buy email database information across text and images and, in the future, can expand to more modalities like video and audio.
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Tanmoy Mukharjee

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