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Make your gardens and home outdoors look more beautiful with garden roof structures made from wood and designed by experts. The structures are inspired by Japanese Asian Designs. With professional craftsmanship, we strive to craft creative designs using top-quality fine materials.

Based in San Diego, California, Wood’s Shop has a team of experts who are interested only in the finest quality and detail.

You can choose from the different varieties of kits we offer. There are six Japanese wood gazebo kits designs we have with Irimoya style roof and regular hip roof exposed with the curved ridge beam. You can have different sizes and styles that fit your demands. The quality is top-notch since the roof structure is cut from California Redwood. We use high-grade timber for the roof pieces as it comes with beauty, strength, and stability. These are crucial factors to have for our Draped and curved roof designs because most of the curved rafters when cut, shouldn’t distort, twist or crack after cutting.

All the roof pieces of gazebo kits are precisely cut by CNC so everything fits perfectly. All pieces are carefully Detailed and Hand Sanded. These buildings are designed western style, with rafters, ridge beams, and knee braces.

Add style and function to any outdoor space with our beautiful wooden Pavilions. No matter which model you want to choose, your wood Pavilion kits will make the perfect addition for large parties, an outdoor meeting space, or a commercial event space.

Our pavilion kits are durable in weather, and give you an open-air feeling while providing cover from the elements. Our Outdoor Pavilions are easy to assemble.

We customize build based on your order with the best Craftsmanship and Materials. So, what are you waiting for? Make our outdoors most welcoming with our Wood’s Shop high-quality roofs.



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